Wireless Calving CCTV Kit


  • €34500
    Excl. VAT: €280.49
Excl. VAT: €280.49

This system is perfect if you have no existing broadband at the location of the cameras. All the equipment is located at the calving / foaling shed and the 3G/4G network is used for remote viewing via a smart phone, tablet etc. This system is expandable without additional control equipment.

Single camera 4G CCTV Kit with Hikvision HiWatch 4MP Dome IP Camera, including 3G-4G 4 Way Router with sim card slot built in.

Up to 3 IP cameras can connect to the router

This Cow Calving Camera Kit is perfect when there is no fixed-line or wireless broadband available on the farm. This kit makes use of any 3G/4G network signal available to allow streaming of the cow Calving images to your smart-phone, tablet, laptop, etc from any location.

This kit uses the very latest technology to enable you to see your cows calving, no more getting out of bed in the middle of the night, you can view what is happening live instantly.

The system includes 1 x IP Camera which connects directly to the router. We will supply instructions on how you can set up the camera for remote viewing via your phone, tablet or PC.

Kit Contains: