Wireless CCTV System

Wireless CCTV systems in the main can be broken down into 3 categories:

  1. True wireless IP Cameras with antenna for use – will connect to local wifi wirelessly.
  2. IP Cameras connected to Wireless stations – long distance video can be transmitted internally and externally.
  3. IP Cameras connected to a 3G/4G wireless router for remote viewing

True Wireless IP Cameras

This solution can be used only internally. The camera has a built in antenna and will connect to existing wifi in a building. The camera does need to be powered separately. The success of a solution like this is dependent on how strong the wifi is in a building. It is possible to enhance the WIFI by installing additional wifi boosters.

IP Cameras & Wireless Stations

This is an excellent solution if you require cameras at remote locations on a site but have no way of cabling to the locations. Power is needed for the cameras at each location. Your central point i.e. office/house location will have a switch and an NVR if recording is required. A wireless sender is located at the camera, this transmits the video back to a wireless receiver at the office and the receiver is connected to switch/nvr. For remote internet viewing the switch/NVR is then connected to broadband.

IP Camera with 3G/4G Connection

If there is no broadband available on site your only option may be to use the 3G/4G mobile network. We have now simplified this solution for you. You will need a 3G/4G  router that has a facility for inserting a 3G/4G data sim card directly into it and you will also need an IP camera. 2020 CCTV are now supplying all the equipment required including the data sim card. We will set up an account with HIKVISION to enable continued internet remote access without the need for a static IP address. We will test that the complete system can be accessed remotely on a phone, tablet and PC before sending the equipment to you.

If you require any information about any of the products below or any other CCTV products, please email for prices.