Hikvision Turbo Full HD 1080P (2MP) and 5MP Bullet Cameras with WDR and Various Lens Options

Hikvision Turbo Full HD 1080P (2MP) and 5MP Bullet Cameras with WDR and Various Lens Options


  • €8000
    Excl. VAT: €65.04
Excl. VAT: €65.04

There are various different options available within this camera range. To obtain a price for a specific camera, please choose the relevant product from the above drop down.

Please note any of the 5 Megapixel Cameras need to be paired with the HIKVISION Turbo HD 3 Series, this would be e.g. DVR DS-7204HUHI or any of the 7300, 8100 or 9032 recorders.

2MP Fixed Lens

The Hikvision DS-2CE16D8T-IT5 is our HD1080P Turbo HD EXIR External IR Ultra low light Bullet Camera with 3.6mm fixed lens and a massive 80 meter infra red. With 120DB wide dynamic range on board this camera range can handle challenging lighting environments.

2MP Motorized Lens

This camera comes with an adjustable motorized zoom lens DS-2CE16D8T-IT3Z i.e. if you require a closer view of a specific area or person you can zoom the lens in, the best feature of this is that you zoom the lens from your phone, tablet or DVR etc. This camera comes with 40 meter infra red for night time viewing in darkness which is more than sufficient to match the 2.8 - 12mm lens.

2MP Long Range Motorized Lens

This long range lens camera DS-2CE16D9T-AIRAZH comes equipped with the relevant infra red on board to match the zoom capacity. The camera will allow you to zoom in and out with a 5-50mm long range motorized lens and a 100 meter infra red range, ideal for viewing specific areas which are a significant distance away and again you can control this lens remotely from the DVR, phone, tablet etc. 

5MP Fixed Lens

Similar to the 2MP version, this camera offers you over twice the resolution. The DS-2CE16H5T-IT5 is truly a fabulous camera with 5 million pixels of resolution and 80 meter infra red for night time viewing.

 5MP Motorized Lens

This camera comes with an adjustable zoom lens of 2.8mm to 12mm which can be controlled by your smart phone, tablet or PC. The DS-2CE16H5T-IT3Z is ideal to use when a fixed lens camera just won't get you a close enough view of your targeted object. The camera comes with 40 meter IR distance on board for night time viewing to match the lens capacity.

All of these cameras will more than meet your requirements if upgrading from an older analogue system. The cameras will operate off older coaxial cabling or CAT5/6 cable with full high definition baluns. As all the cameras are full high definition (2 megapixel) or better they should be paired with one of the HIKVISION Turbo HD DVRs. These cameras will not work connected to an analogue DVR and are not guaranteed to work with any other manufacturers HD recorders.

The smart IRs included in all the cameras will not over expose an object or person irrespective of how close the target view is. The cameras will stay in colour when there is adequate light and switch to black and white if the light levels drop utilising its smart IR technology.

All cameras come supplied with a bracket and can be used externally in all weather conditions. If you require a stronger IR performance and you want your camera to be totally overt, all of these bullet cameras will suit your requirements. These cameras are widely used in commercial applications both inside and outside e.g. warehouses, schools etc.

Product Specifications

  • HD1080P or 5 Megapixel available
  • All Cameras supplied with bracket
  • Fixed lens Cameras with 80 meter infra red. Zoom lens with 40 meter IR except long range zoom lens with 120 meter IR.
  • 2MP Cameras Ultra low light lux of .005 Zoom. 5MP Cameras ultra low light lux of .008 
  • Adopt HDTVI Technology
  • True Day Night with Smart IR
  • Day/Night: ICR
  • Up the Coax(via coaxial cable, 12 VDC
  • IP66 or better out door rating

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