Hybrid DVR

Hybrid DVR

The Hybrid DVR combines the ability to display/record both IP cameras and traditional analogue cameras. The system is perfect for people whom want to install new high end IP cameras but still want to keep some or all of their existing analogue cameras. The existing analogue cameras will simply plug onto the back of the Hybrid DVR. The IP cameras will plug into a network switch (sold separately) and the switch will connect into the LAN port on the NVR. So really the Hybrid is an NVR that can also take analogue cameras.

The systems come in 4, 8, & 16 channels. A 4-Channel will take 4 analogue and 4 IP cameras, an 8-Channel will take 8 analogue and 8 IP cameras and a 16-Channel will take 16 analogue cameras and another 16 IP Cameras. Like with any NVRs there are the usual factors to consider when choosing your IP camera to connect into your Hybrid system, i.e. total bandwidth available on the system, total megapixels per channel the is system capable of handling, hard drive required.

All of the models we sell can be supplied with the Licence Plate Reader software on board or the POS (till scan software). We would recommend the Darkfighter Licence Plate Reader Camera not only will this camera pick up the registration it will also give an overview of the vehicle. The system can be interrogated for registration numbers and various unique searches. We would recommend a 4MP Dome camera for viewing Cash Registers.

The only disadvantage to the Hybrid recorders is that they cannot process a full HD camera such as the HD Turbo range from HIKVISION.