Hikvision Turbo HD 1080P WDR Turret Dome Camera DS-2CE56D7T-IT3 - 2020CCTV

Hikvision Turbo HD Ultra Low Light Turret Dome Camera 2MP, 3MP & 5MP Available


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*Now a Low Light Camera - 2MP & 3MP version with Wide Dynamic Range* 

2MP Camera DS-2CE56D8T-IT3
3MP Camera DS-2CE56F7T-IT3
5MP Camera DS-2CE56H5T-IT3

This Hikvision Turbo Turret Camera is one of most popular cameras for homes and businesses. This ultra low light camera is available in a 2MP (Full HD), 3MP or a 5MP version and will see in darkness for up to 40 meters utilising the built in EXIR technology. This Smart EXIR technology will not allow the over exposure of an object within the target view of the camera, this was traditionally a major problem with cameras and faces could not be identified once the IR illuminators were on. 

All 3 cameras will provide a perfect colour picture during the day time and will only switch to black and white if there is inadequate light in the specific area.
The camera can be used for indoor or outdoor use and comes with external IP rating of 67, i.e. waterproof and dust tight. It is very discreet but will provide a slight red glow. This Turbo dome is a 3 axis camera i.e. can be wall mounted or ceiling/soffit mounted. Deep bases and wall arm brackets are also available.

These cameras are used widely for new installations but can be also used for upgrades, i.e. the camera will work off the traditional coaxial cable or off cat5 cable with HD baluns.

To enable you to view the camera online via your phone/tablet etc, the camera needs to be connected back to a Turbo HD DVR. We also provide HD CCTV Kits which include all you need; cables, connectors, power supplies etc.

Product Specifications

    • 2MP, 3MP & 5MP version available with this camera
    • Ultra Low light Internal or External Camera
    • 2MP, 3MP or 5MP CMOS Image Sensor
    • 120 DBI wide dynamic range on board the 2MP & 3MP 
    • Up to 40 meter infra red with Smart EXIR
    • Adopt HDTVI Technology, 
    • 2.8mm Lens as standard, other lens sizes available on request
    • OSD menu
    • True Day/Night Lens
    • Up the Coax (via coaxial cable), CAT5 with HD baluns
    • 12 VDC
    • IP67

    Click here to download PDF DataSheet - 2MP

    Click here to download PDF DataSheet - 3MP

     Click here to download PDF DataSheet - 5MP