IP Dome Camera

IP Dome Cameras are equally suitable in a commercial or domestic environment. All the dome cameras are 3 axis and can be mounted on a ceiling, a wall or a soffit. We can supply cameras up to 8 megapixel of resolution but in the main 2MP or 4MP IP dome cameras are most frequently used.

So in a domestic installation the 2MP IP camera is the most commonly used. Most homes will have a dome type camera installed on the soffit.

In commercial applications the IP dome camera is mainly used indoors but can be used externally. A mixture of 4MP and 2MP cameras will be provide excellent coverage in any commercial environment. We would recommend installing the 4MP camera in the most important areas such as doorways (to identify all persons entering the premises) and over cash registers.

All our IP cameras are POE enabled which means the camera does not have to be powered separately if connected back to another POE device such as a POE switch or a HIKVISION NVR with POE on-board.

The 4MP IP dome camera when coupled with an NVR such as the DS-7716NIE4/16P with till scan software on board can provide an excellent solution for any retail environment. The till scan software will overlay all the transactions from a cash register onto the specified camera. Various searches can then be made such as viewing recorded footage within a specific time frame and checking that all the items given to a customer where put through the till. You can also carry out other searches such as “how many pints of Guinness where sold within a certain time frame” etc.

Like any IP camera the IP dome camera can also be installed in a remote location once there is power at that location. The video signal can be sent back wireless via an IP wireless station link to the NVR.

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