CCTV Face Blurring & Redaction

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A common issue with downloaded footage now is that certain faces / registrations etc need to be blurred out. When CCTV footage is shared with a third party or a personal review is required any faces not relevant to the issue must be blurred out before hand.
2020 CCTV can provide the following services:
1. FACE BLURRING & REDACTION: We can provide the face blurring and or redaction on any video format or any duration
2. MULTIPLE MANUFACTURERS: Our service can be provided on 95% of all CCTV brands
3. BACK UP SAFE SECURE: The footage will be transferred on to an external storage device and delivered back to the client. No footage is retained by 2020 CCTV.
What details we need to know?
> Footage Duration
> Recorded Resolution
> Frame Rate
> Number of Blurred targets

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