Top Tips For Home Security

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With burglaries on the increase, it makes sense to do as much as you possibly can to reduce your risk of an intruder gaining access into your home.

Here are our top Tips for Home Security:

  1. Keep expensive items out of view.  This includes state of the art electronics, jewelry and even expensive bicycles.  Close blinds when you are not home.
  2. Install a CCTV Kit.  CCTV cameras can be a great visual deterrent - a burglar would not want to risk being recorded & caught in the act.  Ensure that you can self monitor the cameras from your computer or your mobile phone. Cut out monitoring costs.
  3. Install good lighting around the exterior of your home.  Motion activated sensors are considered to be the most effective.
  4. Fit secure locks on doors and windows.   If you would like to leave your windows open, install secure restrictors.
  5. Hide small valuable items such as cash, car keys & iPads. Better still, consider getting a safe & bolt it down.
  6. Install a good Intruder Alarm.
  7. Consider an Intercom or install a spy hole or wide angled viewer in your door.
  8. Block access to your rear garden by getting a side gate & keeping it locked.
  9. Keep your garden tidy.  Overgrown shrubs can be used as hiding places.
  10. Don't leave ladders outside for opportunistic burglars to use to gain access into your home. Lock any outbuildings that contain ladders or other tools that could also be used.
  11. Make it seem as if your home is occupied, even when it isn't. Use timer controls for lights, TV etc.
  12. Leave a car parked in your driveway when you go on holiday. Ask a trusted neighbour to collect your post regularly & if you are away for a prolonged time, get someone to mow your lawn. Cancel your deliveries.
  13. Check identification before letting strangers into your home.
  14. Never leave a key out. Burglars know all likely hiding places.
  15. Remember burglars rarely check kids rooms, use their room as a hiding place for valuables when you go on holiday.
  16. Never announce your travel plans on social media.

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